Video: When squirrel caught hold of snake's hood and started eating

New Delhi: Many people have taken a lot of cute photos of squirrels from cameras as they look cute. But squirrels are very dangerous, when it comes to themselves, they can fight anyone. A video of a squirrel taking alloy from a snake whose name makes us all tremble has surfaced. You will also be stunned for a moment.

In the viral video, you can see that a poisonous snake made the mistake of attacking a small squirrel, after which the squirrel, with its agility and cunning, taught the snake a lesson that even the snake lost consciousness. The video has been posted on a page called Life and nature on Twitter. In the video, you can see a snake wandering here and there for hunting when a squirrel comes in front of it then the snake tries to hunt it. But the squirrel faces the snake attack with great courage.


As soon as the snake take out its hood to attack the squirrel, this time the squirrel with its agility grabs its hood and starts munching its hood with its mouth. At the same time, in the video, the snake is seen suffering badly to save its life. In this video, the courage of the squirrel is being liked a lot on social media.

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