When applying excess foundations on the face, do this....
When applying excess foundations on the face, do this....

Whenever women do makeup, they get their look because of some mistakes. When applying a foundation, it is always important to make sure that the foundation is in accordance with your skin tone. If you don't use the foundation according to your skin tone, it will make your look look look rather ugly.  Many women have more foundations when they set up foundations, but there are many ways to fix it. To correct this, you can take care of a few things that we're going to tell.

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Use Moisturizer:
Always keep a moisturizer with you. Learn more foundations, but add some drop moisturizer to the foundation and then mix it well. Now apply it on your face. Reduces the pigmentation of the Moisturizer Foundation and makes your shed perfect.

Use finishing powder:
After applying the foundation, apply the finishing powder on the entire face. This reduces the pigmentation of the foundation. But keep in mind that use the powder you use for highlighting, not the powder that you know for browsing.

Use weight sponges:
When you use your fingers to mix foundations, it turns dark. If you have more foundations on your face, use weight spoofs instead of using your fingers.

Use the concealer:
Concierge is used to hiding acne and stain spots. Mix a little concierge with the foundation and mix it well. Now blend it well near the dark circle. This will set your foundation well.

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