Doctors were surprised to see 150 live worms emerge from a man's nose
Doctors were surprised to see 150 live worms emerge from a man's nose

An unprecedented case of infection surfaced from Florida, USA, where doctors extracted a shocking 150 live worms from a man's nasal cavity. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, presented himself at the HCA Florida Memorial Hospital with complaints of nasal bleeding and severe pain earlier this week. ENT specialist Dr. David Carlsson was left astounded upon examining the nasal passage.

Dr. Carlsson's inspection revealed a bizarre sight inside the man's nose. Upon further examination with a camera, he discovered dozens of live larvae thriving within the man's sinus cavities, consuming his tissue.

The patient's condition posed grave risks; the larvae, positioned dangerously close to his eyes and brain, threatened to impair his vision or even endanger his life if they penetrated deeper into his skull.

The surgical procedure undertaken by Dr. Carlsson successfully removed all 150 larvae from the man's nasal passages. The doctor emphasized the rarity and severity of the case, highlighting the potential life-threatening consequences had the larvae breached deeper into the man's brain.

The patient recalled undergoing tumor removal surgery thirty years prior, suggesting a compromised immune system might have contributed to the infection's severity. Dr. Carlsson affirmed that such a case was unprecedented in his medical experience in the United States.

The incident underscores the importance of timely medical attention and vigilance regarding unusual symptoms, particularly in regions prone to tropical infections.

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