Friend says objectionable thing about wife, husband took this dreadful step

Dewas: A friend killed a friend in Karnawad in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. The only reason was that the deceased had made an indecent comment on the friend's wife, and, in a fit of rage, he killed him. The police have arrested the culprit. It may be recalled that on the night of May 26, the body of Kailash's father Gore Lal, a resident of Karnavad, was found near Mata Chabutra. There was a head injury and bleeding. There was a fear that his head had been attacked by a heavy object. 


The same Hatpipalya police said that the short post-mortem revealed that the attack was carried out with a heavy object, due to which the bone was also found broken. A case of murder was registered against the unidentified criminal and an investigation was initiated it was found that some persons had seen Kailash and his accomplice Mukesh's father Pirulal Bhilala resident Karnavad at the spot. They often came to this area.

When Mukesh was taken into custody and interrogated, he confessed to attacking him with a stone. He said he did not think that the stone-pelting would kill Kailash. During interrogation, it was also revealed that Kailash was already drinking alcohol at the place of the incident. 


When Mukesh arrived, Kailash started abusing him due to the discussion. In the past, Kailash had made some remarks about the wife of the criminal, which angered Mukesh. At the time of the abuse, he explained to Kailash that he should leave from here but he did not go, after which Mukesh picked up a stone and hit him which hit Kailash's eye. He died of serious injury. Mukesh said Kailash was constantly using wrong words about my wife while drunk. Even after refusing, when he did not agree, the big stone hit Kailash's head. As the stone hit the head, there was blood. Seeing the blood, Mukesh also panicked and ran away from the spot. The bleeding continued for a long time. When the villagers noticed Kailash, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. He died of excessive bleeding.

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