When is Margasirsha Purnima? Know its auspicious muhurat and puja method

In the Scriptures, every full moon and amavasya have its own significance, but the margasirsha purnima is considered even more special. It is customary that the path head full moon can liberate man. Therefore, this full moon is called Mokshadayini in the Scriptures. Charity, meditation and bathing are of special importance on this day and 32 times the fruit is available to man. It is said that worshipping Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi with all your heart on this day opens the way for salvation. The moon is also full of its 16 arts on the night of the full moon. Fasting on this day improves the position of the moon in the horoscope and relieves mental stress and turmoil. This time, the 18th of December is the day of The Margasirsha Purnima. Here's the auspicious occasion of Margasirsha Purnima, puja vidhi.

This is the auspicious muhurat:-
According to the Hindu Panchag, margasirsha purnima will start from 07.24 am on Saturday, December 18 and will last till 10.05 am on Sunday, December 19 the next day. On 18th December, the sahyog yoga is till 09.13 a.m., after which the auspicious yoga will start. Shubh Yoga will last till the end of purnima.

Puja Method:-
Wake up in the morning on the day of Margasirsha Purnima and meditate on the mind of Lord Vishnu and resolve to fast. While taking a bath, add a little Gangajal and tulsi leaves to the water and then apply the water on your head and salute God. Then, take a bath. Make a square at the place of worship and install a photo with Srihari's mother Lakshmi. Remember them and then offer roli, sandalwood, flowers, fruits, prasad, akshat, incense, lamp etc. Then, build an altar at the place of worship and light a fire for the havan. Then, by saying 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasu Devai Namah: Swaha Idan Vasu Devay Idan Namam', give 11, 21, 51, or 108 sacrifices from the havan material. Meditate on God after the havan is attained. Apologize to them for your error.

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