When schools were closed here, many girls started getting pregnant, now the government has taken a big step

The Supreme Court of South African country Zimbabwe has given a big decision regarding girls. In this African country, cases of women being abused and dropped out of school after becoming pregnant at an early age are increasing continuously. In view of this, the court of the country has ordered to increase the age of consent of girls from 16 to 18 years. The country's human rights groups have welcomed the court's decision.

According to the court's decision, the country's Justice Minister and Parliament will have 12 months to "make a law protecting all children from sexual abuse in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution". The matter related to the consent of girls was brought in the Supreme Court of the country by two women who were married at a very young age. People are welcoming the verdict with hopes that the law could help slow down cases of teen pregnancies and child marriages ranging from having sex with underage girls.

The same officers and human rights organizations say that since Corona there has been a spurt in such cases. Due to this schools were closed and poverty increased due to which the parents of the girls got them married at a very young age. The women's lawyer, Tendai Bitti, spoke to the Associated Press on the court's decision, saying, "It is essential that we protect children, especially girls. This decision of the court will not completely stop the exploitation of children, but it will definitely reduce it.

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