When the Girls Danced in Father’s Funeral
When the Girls Danced in Father’s Funeral

Till date, we have seen people dancing and singing only in marriage and in a happy atmosphere. But in any gum or on somebody's death we have not seen anyone singing dancing. But today we are going to tell you a similar story, which you will be surprised to hear.

Actually a couple of days ago, four daughters happily released on the death of a father. Everyone was surprised to see that he drove out the father's body of pilgrimage. Let me tell you during this time the car was decorated with flowers, there was also a band arrangement. All the four daughters went dancing in the entire journey and performed the funeral of their father.

Tell you, industrialist and former president of the Noida Entrepreneurs Association, Hari Bhai Lalwani passed away with brain stroke. In Noida hospital, he was admitted to a critical condition where he became insane.

His eldest daughter said, "The last wish of Papa was that as the celebration is celebrated at the time of birth of the child, in the same way after his death celebrate the last journey like the last festival. Papa believed that perhaps death would be beautiful even from life, for which to lose life it is a pleasure to lose. His journey to meet the beautiful death should be celebrated as the last festival in this world.” That's why his daughters gave him the final part in such a way that everyone was surprised.

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