When the girl's stomach stirred, she got the test done, was surprised to see the result

A single mom has revealed that she didn't know she was pregnant for almost 24 weeks. Because there was no effect of pregnancy on her stomach. On social media, the girl told that no one around her knew about her pregnancy. Because even at the time of pregnancy, she looked slim as always.

The same Jada Marie shared a lot of her pictures on social media and wrote – How did no one know about my pregnancy? The bulge in Jada's stomach is not visible in the picture. Until the 8th month of her pregnancy had come. The girl said- I never thought that I was pregnant. I could not even feel the movement of the baby. But one day I had gone to the store, only then I felt that there is some movement in my stomach. This made me nervous and then I did a pregnancy test.

Jada said- the result of pregnancy came positive. I went to the doctor. And he told that this is the sixth month of my pregnancy. The girl further told that she had a daughter. He's perfectly fine. The baby girl has been named Keoria. Jada said – The baby was towards my back, that is why the baby bump was not visible. After posting Jady's on social media, many women also shared their experiences in the comments section. One person wrote – This happened with my mother too. She didn't know about the pregnancy for 8 months. Another person wrote – I too did not know about my pregnancy for 7 months.

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