"When the Muslim mob burnt alive 59 Hindus..." the media showed a strange 'duplicity'.

Ahmedabad: On the morning of February 27, 2022, a train in Godhra was set on fire by a mob of Muslims. The motive was to kill hindus. The devotees who were returning from Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, by this train, were burnt alive by this mob. In this heinous act of 1000-2000 by the Muslim mob, 59 Hindus were burnt alive, including 27 women and 10 children. The media carried out the Hindu-Muslim riots that broke out after this horrific massacre, but gave their whole life to hide the Godhra incident. As has always been the case, it puts full emphasis on showing one side as a victim, while, in fact, those who are victims are proved guilty. The same thing happened in this case.  

The UPA government adopted every tactic in torturing the then CHIEF Minister of the state, Narendra Modi, in the name of investigation in the Gujarat riots case.   The opposition violated all limits to show Modi's guilt in the Gujarat riots. But the Supreme Court gave him a clean chit, and now the order has also come to keep this clean chit in abeyance. Recently, Home Minister Amit Shah spoke about how anti-BJP political parties, some journalists in favour of those political parties and some NGOs came together to publicise and spread these allegations so much that  people gradually started believing the lie to be true. Amit Shah took the name of Teesta Setalvad, whose NGO was quite active in this entire episode. Zakia Jafri also approached the Supreme Court at the behest of Teesta. At that time, the magazine 'Tehelka' also tried to defame Modi in the name of sting, but that too was rejected by the judiciary.

Shah also spoke about how the then UPA government helped Teesta's NGO in every way. On Zakia, wife of Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, who was killed in the Gujarat riots, the Apex Court had said that Teesta took advantage of Zakia's sentiments. The controversial journalist Rana Ayyub wrote 'Gujarat Files' and spread propaganda through the book. After which, on a global level, Job started receiving calls from media channels and what he said was considered to be true. Even though today the same Rana Ayyub is surrounded by allegations of chanda chanda theft. The Supreme Court had also dismissed Job's propaganda book as based on doubts, conjectures and fantasies. The Supreme Court had also observed that a person's personal opinion cannot be evidence. Amit Shah recalled how Narendra Modi fought this battle for two decades while enduring everything, he has seen it closely.

Attempts to set the narrative were even made that, in all the news related to Modi, the media put '2002' with his name. However, nowhere in it was there a mention of the Godhra fire.   In order to save the Muslim mob that burnt 59 Hindus alive, the Central Government of the Congress made a sinister attempt to make it an "accident". Sonia Gandhi calls Modi a 'merchant of death', her son Rahul Gandhi levelled allegations of 'poison farming'. But the Supreme Court finally demolished all the narratives and gave a clean chit to Narendra Modi in this case.  

Media's duplicity on Gujarat riots and Godhra incident:-

Prakhar Srivastava, who has worked in many big media channels for a long time, while speaking on the issue, said that the truth should be shown, but what should be the way to show the truth? He said that in the media, it is said to show the facts on both sides, but no one knows what game is played and what narrative is set in the name of showing both sides. During the 2002 riots, the 'country's biggest TV journalist' had apparently reported on Godhra, saying that "a mob, which has no face, attacked a bogey". Here the journalist did not know who the crowd was or was trying to save the fanatics who had burnt the 59 innocents alive.  


Prakhar Srivastava said that even if a common man cannot understand the motive behind it, but a journalist can understand it well. Prakhar then gave another example of the same journalist's reporting. When he reports from Naroda Patiya in the Gujarat riots, the same journalist opens up saying that "a mob of Hindus attacked the mosque". When asked the question, the journalist will say that I have shown both sides, both godhra and naroda patiya - both of whom have been reported, says Prakhar Srivastava. Prakhar says, "The difference between the reporting of Naroda Patiya and the reporting of Godhra is what is called setting of narrative. What was done in 2002 and we are still suffering today. It is clear from prakhar srivastava's words that so many journalists in the media must have set up so many narratives by playing such games, then today the hindus are blamed for talking about the 'Gujarat riots', but the charge of the Godhra fire is made an accident by putting it on an unknown, undecided and never-identifiable mob.

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