Wife seen in objectionable condition with friend, angry husband took such a step

Dehradun: In Uttarakhand, a man in jail on the charge of murder of a friend also killed his wife and threw the body in the Gagalhedi area of Saharanpur. The body was recovered two days later, but now it has been identified. Therefore, the case registered in Gagalhedi has been transferred to Clementtown police station. The criminal is in jail in judicial custody along with his female friend.

According to the information received, In December 2021, Selakui resident Arman had gone missing. His body was found lying under a bridge in the Raiwala police station area. Police had arrested Munshir Ali, a resident of Lakhimpur Kheri. It turned out that he had seen Armaan with his wife Babita Bano. In this murder, he killed Armaan and dumped the body in the Raiwala area. Munshir had said that he had also killed his wife Babita Bano on November 20, 2021, and dumped the body in the Haridwar area.

The police was searching the body since then. Meanwhile, it was learned that the body of a woman of this appearance was found lying in Budha Kheda Ahir village of Gagalhedi. On 22 November 2021, a complaint of murder was registered at the Gagalhedi police station on the complaint of the village head. Now the woman has been identified as Babita Bano. SP City Sarita Doval said that the case from Gagalhedi has been transferred to Clementtown police station. While killing his wife, Munshir had also made a video of her from his mobile. His phone was also recovered by the police. According to the perpetrator, he first gave his wife intoxicants to eat and then strangled her. The dead body was also taken to the Kaliyar police station area by putting it in a car. Here he threw it in the bushes on the banks of the canal, but the body has been recovered in Saharanpur district.

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