Police officer imposes unique fine over woman not following Covid rules
Police officer imposes unique fine over woman not following Covid rules

People all over the world are still fighting Covid-19. In many countries, rules have been made to prevent the spread, for violating which you will have to pay fine or jailed. Some people survive by paying bribes for violating the rules, while some resort to the shortcomings of the law. But have you heard of giving 'kiss' to the police officer to avoid penalty. Probably not. But this has happened in Peru, a country in the South American continent.

A woman in Peru was issued a fine by a police officer for violating Covid-19 rules. Surprisingly, the officer left the woman in exchange for Lip Kiss. The incident is of the Miraflores boardwalk in the capital Lima. According to the information, the video of this incident is going viral on social media. The video shows officers and women standing in the middle of vehicles parked on the roadside. It seems that the officer is noting the details of the woman to be punished for breaking the rules.

Police officer is seen imposing a fine on the woman. She convinces him not to pay a fine in exchange for Kiss. After some time, both are seen doing a kiss. The incident was captured on a local TV camera and has been broadcast. After which angry police officials have immediately suspended that police officer.

District Civil Security In-charge Ibro Rodriguez said, "The act itself is very serious and that is why it has been suspended." He also said, "Our Mayor Luis Molina has decided to immediately suspend the officer. The woman violated the physical distance law and he let her go. Then he took out the mask and kissed it."

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