When was the 'Kisan Mitra Yojana' launched in Uttar Pradesh?

Question:- The famous 'Dudhwa National Park' of Uttar Pradesh is located in which district?
Answer:- In Lakhimpur (Kheri)

Question:- Which city of Uttar Pradesh is famous by the name 'City of Gardens'?
Ans:- Lucknow

Question:- In which state is the tradition of folk songs like 'Birha', 'Rasiya', 'Alha' etc. found?
Answer:- Uttar Pradesh

Question:- Which is the largest nakshatrashala in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer:- Gorakhpur Nakshatrashala

Question:- Which player from Uttar Pradesh has won a gold medal for wrestling at the 19th Commonwealth Games?
Answer:- Alka Tomar

Question: Where is the oldest museum in Uttar Pradesh located?
Ans:- Lucknow

Question:- In which city was the summer capital of Uttar Pradesh held during the reign of the British Government?
Answer:- Nainital

Question:- On which day did the present form of Uttar Pradesh come into existence?
Answer:- November 9th, 2001

Question:- The Head of State of Uttar Pradesh is called the Governor, who appoints it?
Answer:- The President

Question:- Which is the main folk song of Uttar Pradesh?
Answer:- Birha

Question:- Which is the largest industry in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer:- Handloom Industry

Question:- What is the position of Uttar Pradesh in the entire country in terms of power generation?
Answer:- Eighth

Question:- From which neo-stone archaeological site of Uttar Pradesh has the evidence of paddy cultivation been found?
Ans:- Koldihwa

Question: Where was the session of the Indian National Congress held in Uttar Pradesh in the year 1925?
Answer:- In Kanpur

Q:- Uttar Pradesh has been divided into how many climate departments on the basis of distribution of rainfall?
Answer:- Two

Question:-  Which district of the state is more affected by the avalanche erosion?
Answer:- Etawah

Q:- How many national parks are there in Uttar Pradesh at present?
Answer:- 1

Question:-  Which bird sanctuary was first established in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer:- Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Q:- Where was the Harduaganj Thermal Power Station set up?
Answer:- In Aligarh

Q:- When was the 'Kisan Mitra Yojana' launched in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer:- From June 18, 2001

Q:- Which two varieties of mango are mainly produced in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer:- Dasahari and Chausa

Question:- Which pair of cities is famous for guava production?
Answer:- Bareilly-Prayagraj

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