When was the State Bank of India nationalized?

1. Mannapalli festival is celebrated with great pomp in Mannapalli Kaboo Tirtha. This pilgrimage is celebrated with great pomp. In which state is this pilgrimage site – Kerala?

Who founded the Theosophical Society in India — Madame Blavatsky and H.S. Olcat

The first division of the Congress took place in the year 1907 in the Surat session, the president of that session was - Rasbihari Bose

Part III of the Constitution of India deals with – Fundamental Rights

5. A Legislative Council can be created or abolished in the State of India - on passing a resolution on the principle of the State Assembly by Parliament

Asha Mishra is the creator of which language?-Maithili

7. The place where the Praksa Ashoka Brahmi script has been discovered? -Maski

The Sultan of Delhi who wrote his memoirs - Firoz Tughlaq

9. Which measure was used in the Delhi Sultanate to measure the land? – Masahat

10. Which was the place where the first session of the All India Kisan Sabha was held? -Patna

Which is the first three most sugarcane producing states of India? – Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu

When was the National Human Rights Commission constituted? In the year 1993

13. How mahadipita was different – from tectonic action

When was the State Bank of India nationalized – July 1, 1955

The goal of the community policing system is – the police-citizen relationship.

Assam is the first state to pass the GST Bill.

When is World Ozone Day celebrated – September 16

What is the main factor that decides the balance of nature?

19. National Voters' Day is celebrated?-Earthquake

Who was the first Indian to be elected as the General Secretary of the Commonwealth? -Kamlesh Sharma

Who wrote the famous play 'Shakuntala'?

Why did Einstein receive the Nobel Prize?

A horsepower is similar to?

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