When will Omicron reach its peak in India? Dr Trehan of Medanta replied

New Delhi: The new variant of coronavirus has entered Omicron India. The transmission rate of Omicron is three times higher than the delta variant responsible for the second wave in India. That is, this virus can hit people three times faster. When will the virus be at its peak and how long can its risk be averted? This has been elaborated by Medanta's chief doctor Naresh Trehan.

Dr Trehan has said, 'We should learn from the last two waves in the country. There was a gap of about 32 weeks between the first and the second wave. After the first wave, people believed that the virus had now disappeared, but in the second wave, it returned more severely. So people should understand that be careful until the risk of the virus is completely averted.'

Dr Trehan said, 'It is speculated that the virus has been spreading since September-October, but there is no evidence of it.' Dr Trehan said that if we look at the 'Sutra Model', which was applied during the first and second waves, the new variant will peak in the first or second week of January. There are also chances that this wave will end by February. However, how high it will go depends on our behaviour.

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