When will the second wave of corona provide relief? experts of the country said this big thing

New Delhi: The situation in the country is deteriorating due to corona infection at present. A total of 259,170 cases have been reported in the country on Monday and 1761 persons have died. The number of 2 corona cases has remained more than 2 lakh for the last 4 days. The number of active cases has also reached over 20 lakhs. There is a shortage of oxygen and beds in many states. Everyone wants to know when it will finally bring relief. Data Science Experts of the Indian Institute of Sciences Bengaluru and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur have made some important points about the second wave of coronavirus.

Data science experts have estimated the corona wave in the country based on a number of models and parameters. Experts say the corona wave is likely to see a sharp jump from mid-April to May. By conducting research on cases of corona reports and some unreported infections as well as on individuals who have come into contact with the virus. At the same time, the number of persons receiving vaccine stake in this study was also considered as a standard. According to data science experts, it will decline from June.

Bengaluru-based IISc professors ShashiKumar Ganesan and Deepak Subramani and research student Tivin Anand have said that corona cases will be in ints hike from April 20 to June 10. All of them are associated with the Institute's Department of Computational and Data Sciences. He said that while the total corona cases could reach 6 lakh in April, it is likely to reach 2 lakh in June. It will come down slightly in May. Then, once in June, the graph will go up and then it will start declining. The team believes that 1 in the country by May. 36 crore people will be infected with corona and by 1st September, these numbers will be 1. 53 crores.

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