Where are the reserves of Rock Phosphate found in Madhya Pradesh?

Question- What is the population density of Madhya Pradesh according to the 2011 census?

Answer – 236

Question- Which is the district with highest urbanization percentage of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- (Bhopal 80.9 percent)

Question- Who was the area chief of Part-B (Indore, Gwalior) province before the formation of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Liladhar Seth

Question- When was Barwani district formed?

Answer – 1998

Question- Which is the highest peak of Malwa plateau?

Answer – Cigar Peak 881 m

Question- Son river comes under which plateau of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- eastern plateau

Question- Which soil has maximum water holding capacity?

Answer- black soil

Question- What are the types of most of the rivers that flow in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- peninsular rivers

Question- On which river is Kapildhara Falls?

Answer- The height of Narmada River Falls is 15 meters.

Question- Rewa is the name of which river?

Answer – Narmada River

Question- Which states are involved in the Ken project?

Answer – Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

Question- When was the Gandhi Sagar Irrigation Project built?

Answer – Completed in 1960

Question- Where is the Indian Institute of Forest Management located in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Bhopal

Question- When was the Madhya Pradesh Fisheries Development Corporation established?

Answer – 1979

Question- Where are the reserves of Rock Phosphate found in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Jhabua

Question- When was Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board merged with Power Management Company?

Answer – April 2012

Question- According to industrial classification, which are the developed districts of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur

Question- Where is Punaira Industrial Center located?

Answer- panna

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