Where is mangal giri jain pilgrimage site?

Question:  Which is the first tribal research communication centre of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  Jhabua

Question:  Where is the Defence Paper (Security Paper) in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer-  Hoshangabad

Q:  Where is the Eco-Tourism Development Board in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Bhopal

Question:  Hindustan Copper (Copper) Project M.P. Where is it in?

Answer:  Malajkhand district Balaghat

Q:  Where is the Rice Research Centre located in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  Barwani

Q:  When was the Lok Adalat started in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  April 13, 1986

Question:  Which of the following has been declared as Amla district in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- To page

Question:  Where is the smallest mosque in the country and two and a half staircases?

Answer:  Bhopal

Question:  What is the fellowship given in the field of Fine Arts?

Answer:  Amrita Shergill Fellowship

Question: To whom is the Jabali Scheme related?

Answer:  To end the practice of prostitution in Banchada, Bedia

Question:  Who founded the Vishnu temple in Khajuraho?

Answer:  Yashowardan Chandel 

Question: Who is known as the Queen of Jhansi of Ramgarh?

Answer:  Rani Avantibai

Q:  Where is the Cotton Research Centre in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- Khargone

Question:  Who enjoys the status of industrial capital of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer-  Indore

Q: Where is the Tansen Handloom and Tourism Fair held?

Answer-  Gwalior

Question: What is the number of princely states in madhya pradesh at present?

Answer:  61

Question:  What is the distance of singrauli from Bhopal to the remote district of Singrauli from Bhopal?

Answer:  780 km

Question: How many districts were formed in Madhya Pradesh in 2003?

Answer:  Ashoknagar, Burhanpur, Anuppur/ 3 districts

Question: Where is india's first archaeological park?

Answer:  Sangrampur in Damoh district

Question:  Where is mangal giri jain pilgrimage site?

Answer: in the sea.

Question:  The area of the Bundelkhand Plateau is M.P. What is the percentage of area?

Answer: 7.70% (23733 sq km)

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