Imp MP GK: Where is the alkaloid factory located in Madhya Pradesh?

Question: Since when has the Vikram award started?

Answer:  1990

Question:  Who is known as the nursery of hockey?

Answer: Bhopal

Question:  When was Madhya Pradesh Badminton Association founded?

Answer: 1946

Question: Eklavya Awardee Yamini Maurya is associated with which sport?

Answer:  Judo

Question:  Where is the National Selling School?

Answer: Bhopal

Question:  Which district has the lowest density of roads in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Sheopur

Question:  Where was Madhya Pradesh's first TV station set up?

Answer:  Bhopal

Question:  Where is the Kalidasa ceremony held?

Answer-  Ujjain

Question:  Where is the local museum of Bhanpura?

Answer:  Mandsaur

Question:  Who is the chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Cultural Council?

Answer:  Chief Minister

Question:  When was the Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy established?

Answer: 1969 Bhopal

Question:  In which field is Iqbal Samman given?

Answer: In the field of creative writing in Urdu literature.

Question:  In which field is ustad Alauddin Kha's fellowship awarded?

Answer:  Music

Question.  Where is Muneri Industrial Centre located?


Question: Where is the alkaloid factory in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Neemuch

Question:  Where is the Air Cargo Complex in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- Indore

Question:  When was the Madhya Pradesh Small Industries Corporation established?

Answer: 1961

Question:  Which is the top district of Madhya Pradesh in onion production?

Answer-  Khargone

Question: Since when has the Right to Free Compulsory Education Act, 2009 come into force in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  April 1st, 2010

Question:  When was the Raja Mansingh Music University, Gwalior established?

Answer: 2008

Question:  Where is the Ranital Sports Complex?

Answer-  Jabalpur

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Confluence of Wardha and Benganga river is known by which name?

Madhya Pradesh is bordered by how many districts of Rajasthan?

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