Where is the 'National School of Design' located?

Which was the first sawak film made in India in 1931 AD? – Alamara

Where is India's first neutron reactor 'Kamini' located? – Kalpakkam

The popularly discussed 'WADA' code in the news is related to? – from the games

In which year and where did India win its first gold medal in hockey in the Olympic Games? Year 1928, Amsterdam

Where is the headquarters of 'Indian Space Research Organisation'? – Bengaluru

6. Indian Air Force has been organized into how many commands? – 5

Where did India win the first Olympic hockey gold medal? – In Amsterdam

Which indian woman won the title of 'Miss World' for the first time? – Rita Faria

By what name is the border between India and Pakistan known? – Radcliffe Line

10. What is the length of the cricket pitch? – 20.12 m

Who was the first Indian to become a judge in the International Court of Justice? – Nagendra Singh

Where is the world's largest temple located? – Cambodia

At an interval of how many years is the Commonwealth Games held? – four

Which is the highest award given for gallantry in India? – Param Vir Chakra

15. Pankaj Advani is related to which sport? – Billiard

The national song is derived from which novel by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee? – Anand Math

Which is India's first nuclear power reactor? – Nymph

Who is the first Indian woman who succeeded in climbing the Everest summit? – Colchnoid pal

In which field is the Borlag Prize award given? – Ornithology

Where is the 'National School of Design' located? – Pune

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