Where to go in May: 5 destinations for those who waited for summer
Where to go in May: 5 destinations for those who waited for summer

1. Aqaba, Jordan

  • Air temperature: 30–35 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 24 ° C.
  • Visa: issued at the airport upon arrival.
  • The hottest city of all listed: most of the country is in the desert, so the climate here is appropriate: dry and hot. If you want to get immediately from May to July, feel free to fly to Jordan.

But we must remember that it is worth going there for lovers of a relaxing holiday and those who are interested in world history and art. A country whose age varies around six thousand years will not offer an abundance of nightclubs and bars, but excursions to the ruins of ancient palaces are fine.

2. Port Louis, Mauritius

  • Air temperature: 28–29 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 25–26 ° C.

A tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean can be called almost paradise: the sun is constantly shining there, a huge amount of greenery and no excess civilization.

Port Louis - its capital, which is located on the coast. From the bay of the city a great view opens up: on the one side - the ocean, and on the other - mountains overgrown with greenery. There is a balance between the lively life of the port town and the tranquility of the historic center: first you can go to the market and local distilleries, and then go to see the ancient temples and museums.

3. Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • Air temperature: 32–34 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 28 ° C.

The main plus of Nha Trang in May is a very warm sea. In addition, the water in it is crystal clear, and there are practically no living creatures like jellyfish and other small marine creatures.

The city is a resort and therefore very busy: there are many restaurants, shops and colorful markets in Nha Trang. You can also float on a boat to the neighboring islands: look at the monkeys or stay there all day in the amusement park.

4. Havana, Cuba

  • Air temperature: 28–30 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 27 ° C.

In May, Cuba is already hot enough to lie round the clock on the beach and swim in the sea. Which, by the way, is ideal for diving due to the presence of the most colorful fish and coral reefs in it. And if you go to the island in early May, then you will have a chance to participate in the most large-scale celebration of the Day of Spring and Labor. In Cuba, it is very magnificent and introduces all participants with the national culture of the island. Cubans from all over the city take to the streets and walk along them with placards and flags in the direction of the Revolution Square.

In May, the rainy season begins in Cuba, but you should not be afraid of them: they are not strong and go no longer than 20 minutes. Most often it rains at night, and in the morning they leave a pleasant coolness.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

  • Air temperature: 25 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 21 ° C.

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Russian tourists in May is practically empty. At the same time, the weather conditions by this time in Turkey are already quite resorting ones. In addition to long walks through the winding streets, in Istanbul, you can visit the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and watch the sunsets over the famous Bosphorus.

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