Valentines's day: whether you are single or had a break-up, these amazing ways will help you to enjoy the day

Today is February 14 , the day, people wait whole year to express their love and giving words and actions to the feelings.  While some wait with a lot of excitement, there are others who simply hate it. One of the reasons why some people dislike Valentine's Day is that they just had a breakup and end up missing their ex. If you are also feeling sad on this day just because you had a breakup you are single,  here are some awesome ways to enjoy this day without your ex.

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Go for date

Now, since you are single you can date anyone but the best person you can date is you. Book a table for one, head out to your favourite place and let solitude be your source of happiness. And if you see some couples in the cafe, wish them love and happiness instead of thinking of your ex.

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‘Ye toufa humne khud ko diya hai’ remember this dialogue from film padmavaat, so giving is one of the best thing you can do to yourself. Buy those earrings, shoes, or whatever it is that you've wanted for a while. Gift yourself and see how amazing it feels.

Netflix and Games

It is advisable not to pick out lovey-dovey movies which can make you cry at the end.  Gaming is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. Grab that console and immerse yourself in an alternate reality. There are a lot of cool games out there that will make you forget all your troubles.


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