People of this blood group are at greater risk of getting hit by coronavirus: Reports

Different things have also come to the fore about Covid-19. It was sometimes claimed that the corona effect would be reduced in the scorching heat. It was said that people of old age are more at risk.

Researchers from Germany and Norway studied the relationship of different blood groups with Covid-19. Many things have come out in this research. Their research has been published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine'. He researched 1,610 patients in Italy and Spain, in which the patients faced breathing problems due to Covid-19. 

Research suggests that 'A' blood group people are at greater risk of getting hit by coronavirus. While the risk of Covid-19 is the lowest among those with O blood group. The study showed that if someone with A blood group becomes infected with corona, the probability of needing to give ventilation or to be placed on a ventilator is twice that of the 'O' group.

Apart from this, he clearly said that it is not at all that people with O blood group will not be infected, but it is necessary that their danger is very low. There are also universal donors with O group, that means their blood can be offered to anyone if necessary.

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