Airstrike on Taliban in midnight, who is finally helping 'Lions of Panjsheer?'

Kabul: The Taliban claimed to have captured Afghanistan's Panjsheer area. But this claim has been followed by a piece of shocking news last night. In fact, there has been an airstrike on Taliban targets in the Panjsheer Valley late on Monday night. Reports claimed that Taliban targets were badly damaged. The question now arises as to whose side these airstrikes have been carried out.



According to information provided by local Afghan media and journalists, Taliban targets have been attacked in Panjsheer. Unidentified fighter jets have carried out the attack. Muhammad Alsulmani tweeted that 'Unidentified aircraft attacked Taliban targets and moved to an area with resistant forces. Who did it, Russia or Tajikistan?' It is worth noting that the Taliban claim that Panjsheer is now occupied and the battle for Afghanistan is over. But Northern Alliance fighters and their chief Ahmed Masood, who are fighting against Panjsheer land, say they will fight till the last strand of blood. The question arises as to who gave a befitting reply to the Taliban, the terror group.

Tajikistan's name tops the speculation by many Afghan journalists. Because Ahmed Masood is said to be in Tajikistan these days. At the same time, when the Taliban captured Afghanistan, many Afghan army soldiers, fighter jets, managed to get out of here and reach Tajikistan.

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