Know chanting mantras with which garland is beneficial

Chanting of mantras has special significance in worshiping God. There is a law of chanting mantras to please the Gods and Goddesses. People often use the same garland for chanting mantras. If astrologers are to be believed, a special garland is fixed for the worship of every deity, using which the deity quickly becomes pleased. Mantras are proved by chanting mantras with the right garland. Chanting of which deity mantra is right with which garland and what is the importance of worshiping God.

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Importance of Mala in worship

- There are many ways to pray, pray with word, kirtan or mantra
- Mantras are considered the most effective.
- Mantras immediately converge the mind, it also has a quick effect
- Each mantra has different effects and different powers.
- Different garlands are used for chanting mantras.
- By doing this, you get the full benefit of the power of different mantras.
- Number has special significance in mantra chanting.
- Garlands are also used to chant the right number of mantras.
- There are usually 108 beads in the garland.
- Sometimes there are 27 or 74 beads in the garland.

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Precautions for using the garland

- The number of beads of the garland should be at least 27 or 108.
- There must be a knot after every bead.
- The index finger should not touch the garland at the time of chanting the mantra.
- At the time of chanting mantra, garland should be covered with some cloth or it should be in Gomukhi.
- Before chanting the mantra, you should take a garland in your hand and pray
- Garland should always be personalized
- Do not use other's garland.
- Garland with which mantras are chanted should not be worn.

Importance of Rudraksha Mala

- Chanting any mantra can be done with a garland of Rudraksha.
- Chanting mantra is beneficial for Lord Shiva and his family with a garland of Rudraksha.
- Mahamrityunjaya and Shrimatamunjay Mantra should be chanted only on Rudraksha garland.

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Importance of Rhinestone Garland

- This garland is considered a garland of concentration, prosperity, and peace.
- Mantra of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi is best to chant with this garland.
- Wear a garland of rhinestones for wealth and concentration

Importance of turmeric garland

- Turmeric garland is used for special experiments and wishes.
- Turmeric garland is used for the mantras of Jupiter and Goddess Baglamukhi.
- You can also chant mantras of knowledge and progeny with a garland of turmeric.

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Importance of sandal necklace

- There are two types of sandalwood beads - red sandalwood and white sandalwood
- It is fruitful to chant goddess mantras with a garland of a red sandal.
- You can use white sandalwood beads for Lord Krishna's mantras

Importance of Tulsi Mala

- This garland has the most importance in the Vaishnav tradition.
- Mantras of Lord Vishnu and his avatars are recited with this garland.
- While wearing this garland, one must follow the Vaishnav tradition.
- Never chant the mantras of Goddess and Shiva on the rosary of Tulsi.

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