Corona infection spreading at double speed, know which mask give right protection

The risk of omicron (Omicron in India) in India is now increasing rapidly. Cases ranging from omicron to corona infection are on the rise day by day. In such a situation, experts are appealing not to panic but strictly follow corona rules and precautions as more patients have asymptomatic or less severe symptoms so far. The most important Mask in covid behaviour is to prevent infection. It is also being said that vaccines can definitely reduce the severity of the disease, but the mask is effective in preventing the spread of its infection. Wearing masks can reduce the spread of infection.

In a study, it has been found that after distributing masks to about 1 lakh 78 thousand people, when information about their behaviour and Covid was collected, a shocking figure came out. In which it was seen that there was a reduction of 11.9 percent in the symptoms of asymptomatic Covid, while 9.3 percent reduction was seen in those cases in which seropositivity was found. This means those who came positive in the blood test. It was seen that due to an increase of only 30 percent in the number of people wearing masks, there was a decrease in the corona by about 10 percent. In such a situation, if the wearer of the mask becomes 100%, then the corona infection can be reduced to a great extent.

Now we are going to tell you what mistakes people make while wearing surgical masks- Dr Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Head of the Department, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, Burdwan Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, says, "Since the corona started in the world, we are being asked to wear masks. This is directly due to the virus entering the body of a person through the nose or mouth through aerosols or droplets. In such a situation, when two people put on masks, the chances of an exchange of infection decrease. Wearing a mask is the primary and better way to avoid Infection. Surgical masks have also been considered as the best protective shield stake in the studies so far but other available masks are also useful, provided certain things are taken care of. "People make many mistakes even while applying surgical masks, which take them closer to infection than to protect them from disease," he said. People use the surgical mask for several days and touch it again and again. Which prevents the virus from being prevented. It is very important that surgical masks are used only once.''

If you are applying a cloth mask, then follow this method- According to Dr. Gupta, a cloth mask can be useful but on one condition that it should be in three-ply or three-layer first. Apart from this, if going to a place where there is a high risk of virus or disease, then only a cloth mask will not work there, wearing a surgical mask along with it can be beneficial. For this, first you wear a surgical mask and then wear a cloth mask over it.

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