Which one culture painted its pottery for the first time?

1. Which is the river with Alaknanda, at whose confluence Rudraprayag is located?
(A) Bhagirathi
(B) Mandakini
(C) Nandakini
(D) Dhauliganga
Answer: (D) Dhauliganga

Which of the following lakes is not in Kashmir?

(A) Dal Lake
(B) Lonar Lake
(C) Wular Lake
(D) Gadsar Lake
Answer: (B) Lonar Lake

3. The Tropic of Cancer passes
(a) From Madhya Pradesh
(b) from Tripura
(C) from Mizoram
(c) from all of these
Answer: (A) From Madhya Pradesh

River Island Majuli is located in which of the following rivers?
(A) Jamuna
(B) Padma
(C) Ganga
(D) Brahmaputra
Answer: (D) Brahmaputra

The bright star named Sirius outside the solar system is also called
(A) Dog Star
(B) Cat Star
(C) Fox Star
(D) Lion Star
Answer: (A) Dog Star

6. The largest lake of freshwater
(A) Dal Lake
(B) Lake Thol
(C) Pushkar Lake
(D) Wular Lake
Answer: (D) Wular Lake

7. Duncan Passage is located between which of the following?
(A) Between South and Little Andaman
(B) Between Little and Great Nicobar
(C) Between North and Central Andaman
(D) Between Central and South Andaman
Answer: (A) Between South and Little Andaman

8. The Indian desert is called
(A) Gobi
(B) Support
(C) Thar
(D) Attakama
Answer: (C) Thar

9. Godwin Austin is a
(A) Pass
(B) peak
(C) Telescope inventor
(D) Geologist
Answer: (B) Peak

Which one of the cultures first painted its pottery?
(A) Mesolithic
(B) Copperlithic
(C) Neolithic
(D) Iron Age
Answer: (D) Iron Age

When was the State Bank of India nationalized?

Chaudhary Charan Singh Stadium is located in which district of Uttar Pradesh?

Who wrote the famous play 'Shakuntala'?

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