Which organization makes a topographical map of India?

Question 01. Which is the area with less than 50 cm of rainfall?
North – Leh (Ladakh)

Question 02. Which organization makes a topographical map of India?
Answer: Survey of India Department

Question 03. Which Union Territory of India is such that it has four districts, but none of its districts borders any of its other districts?
Answer – Puducherry

Question 04. What is the study of lakes called?
Answer – Limnology

Question 05. Kullu Valley is located between?
Answer – Dhauladhar and Pir Panjali

Question 06. Pipli ghat is in which hilly part of the pass?
Answer – Aravali

Question 07. Which Himalayan peak is also known as Sagarmatha?
Answer – Mount Everest

Question 08. What is Gadwin Austin?
Answer – A peak

Question 09. What is the other name of the greater Himalaya?
Answer – Himadri

Question 10. Which is included in the Naga Tiba and Mahabharata mountain ranges?
Answer – Low Himalayas

Question 11. Which engine has the carburettor?
Answer: Petrol Engine

Question 12. The hygrometer is used to measure which of the following?
Answer: The humidity prevailing in the atmosphere

Question 13. Where is the Baltoda glacier located?
Answer – Karakoram Pavartala

Question 14. Who gave the principle of permanent settlement?
Answer: Lord Cornwallis

Question 15. The glacier is called a huge body of ice?
Answer: The top sites of the Himalayan mountain range are overshadowed.

Question 16. Which is the metamorphic rock?
Answer – Marble

Question 17. How many long distances does the earth rotate in an hour?
Answer – 15° degree longitude

Question 18. What causes a lunar eclipse?
Answer: The earth comes between the sun and the moon.

Question 19. The first railway line was started by the British rule between which places?
North – between Mumbai and Thane

Question 20. What are the other names of the Sahyadri mountain range?
North – Western Ghats

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