While the wife was living, the bank manager fraudulently made girlfriend, got married, then started sexually exploiting..."

Lucknow: In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the Gomtinagar police arrested the manager of State Bank's Haztarganj branch, Pranav Dwivedi, from near Lohia Park on Thursday on charges of sexual harassment. The victim of sexual abuse has alleged that Pranav had married her in the temple, saying that she would divorce the first wife. After that he continued to sexually abuse her. When the reality came to light, a case was registered against Pranav at the Gomtinagar police station on Wednesday.

A 26-year-old girl from Gomtinagar works in a bank. For a long time, his acquaintance was with Pranav, a resident of Bhopal Malviyanagar. Who currently lives in flat number 706 of Kathota Jheel Surya Lok Apartment. According to the victim, she came in contact with Pranav while at work. He used to say that he has to suffer because of his wife's actions. He will soon divorce his wife. Along with this, Pranav had proposed marriage to her, to which she agreed. After that he started abusing her. According to the girl, she was pressurizing Pranav to get married for a long time. On May 23, the accused had taken the girl with him. He married her in a temple in Gomtinagar. After this Pranav asked the girl to go home. However, she was adamant on going with Pranav. On this, Pranav threatened her while refusing to take the girl home.

According to the victim, she had informed Pranav's first wife about getting married in the temple. On this the wife of the accused had come to Lucknow. On the night of 24 May, Pranav reached his house with his wife. Here both of them beat him and attacked him with a knife and injured him. According to the victim, the manager's wife had even forced her to commit suicide.

The principal used to call the female nursing staff on the pretext of checking BP, and then started doing dirty things.

The health department raided the drug de-addiction and rehabilitation center, even the officers were blown away after seeing the objectionable material.

Red lying with the Ranger of the Forest Department, so many bundles of notes were found that even the officials were surprised

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