US-NK talks effect :White House to end August US-South Korea drill

Jun 14 2018 09:34 AM
US-NK talks effect :White House to end August US-South Korea drill


Washington [United States], June 14 (NT): The United State President Donald Trump-led administration is likely to declare the formal suspension of joint military drills on the Korean Peninsula, on Thursday.

It is noted that the drills were slated to be held in August.

At present, the White House, State and Defense Departments are making plans on how to carry out Trump's decision through Pentagon's guidance, which was announced at the Singapore summit, as CNN reported.

This is being done to execute Trump's decision to hang up the so-called war games with South Korea.

However, as per CNN, a US defense official stated, no updated guidance on execution or ending of training exercises has been received, not even about the drill slated in August.

The military would carry on its coordination to work with South Korea until told otherwise, he added.

Some administration officials consider that the suspension is a show of good reliance in the North Korean talks.

The White House, however, insisted that willingness training and training exchanges will carry on.

Nations such as Australia, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have all, earlier took part in the drill in the past. (NT)




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