This is not just one building but is a village for 200 families!

Sep 06 2019 12:48 PM
This is not just one building but is a village for 200 families!

Due to increasing population, the lack of space can be seen clearly. Due to which nowadays houses are being started by the flat system and big buildings are being seen. Today it is seen that houses and flats have become very expensive. But have you ever thought that the whole village lives in the same building? Yes, today we are going to tell you about a town where there is only one building and 200 families live in it.

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Actually, it is a small town in the northern US state of Alaska. The name of this town is Whittier. This town is famous for its settlement and order. There is only one 14-storey building 'Begich Tower' in this entire town. That is why it is also called Vertical Town. You cannot even imagine that around 200 families live in this building. There is a population of these people in the town. Let me tell you, during the Cold War, this building used to be an army barrack, where many mysterious things have not been revealed till date.

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Not only people live in this building, but there is a provision here for every material they need. The building has a police station, healthcare center, provision store, laundry and church on the ground floor. Employees and owners working in them also live in this building. Due to this, it has become a more convenient building to live in than others.

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