Who are the Majority and Minority in India?

With rising hate crimes based on communal hatred, and one’s defence being that they are the minority and fear their existence in the country, and the others who are claimed to be a majority being killed while the communities’ hands are tied down, ut is hard to understand who the minorities are and whose existence in the country is at greater risk. 


While the government sits back and sees the action drama going down in the country, some are fighting for merely surviving in the country and are afraid for saying anything even relevantly, what else would one want apart from being alive? 

The basic fundamental rights of a section of the country are being violated, while it is getting clearer with every passing day that the law is indeed ‘blind’. 

The recent happenings in the country clearly indicate whose existence is at risk. There’s at least one big news of a hate crime against a particular community which breaks out into the protest. 

Being liberal, being secular, and being woke, won’t take us anywhere if we don’t take action, and stand for each other and not against it. 

Playing the blame game is fun, it is also great for the many news houses to achieve the TRP, but they are the only ones who promote these actions, considering how no one is taking actual steps. 

While the government is busy securing its vote banks, the people are left vulnerable, because the people who are there to protect us, are there to make judgements and not take action. 

We have long left behind, the ‘the living in harmony’ part. We are now more focused on who is above someone and whose god is better. 

This will not only impact us but the generations to come, it is I guess very had to understand that one's life is far more important than the rights and wrongs, or that a family’s grief is above all blame games, and justice is just an illusion because no law will ever be equal to someone being gruesomely beheaded. 

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