WHO chief says, 'Coronavirus will not be the last pandemic'

WHO chief Tedros Adhom Ghebresius said on Sunday that the Covid-19 crisis would not be the last pandemic and that all efforts to improve human health, tackle climate change and animal welfare challenges are 'useless'. Ghebresius was condemning countries around the world for throwing money on the pandemic in a video message on Sunday on the occasion of the first 'International Pandemic Preparation' Day, but not preparing to tackle the next pandemic. The Director-General of WHO said that it is time to learn a lesson from the coronavirus epidemic.

While continuing his talk, he said that for a very long time, the world has worked on a cycle of terror and neglect. We throw money at the havoc and when it is finished, we forget about it and do nothing to stop the next one. It is visually short-sighted and troublesome to understand.

According to the information received, the first annual report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in September 2019 on world preparedness for health preparedness was published. After a few months, the world was hit by Covid, while this report said that the world is not ready for a potentially devastating pandemic. Tedros said, 'History tells us that this will not be the last pandemic and that the pandemic is a fact of life.' He goes on to say that the epidemic has revealed the intimate relationship between humans, animals and the health of the earth. Any attempt to improve human health is ignored until they address the critical interface between humans and animals and the potential crisis of climate change makes our Earth less habitable. 

It is also being said that so far 17,64,621 people have been killed due to the Covid-19 which surfaced in China in December last year, while 8,07,17,733 cases have been reported. Tedros said, 'In the last 12 months, our world has turned upside down. The epidemic has had an impact on societies and economies. '

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