'Worst phase of coronavirus yet to come': WHO Report

Jun 30 2020 11:30 AM
'Worst phase of coronavirus yet to come': WHO Report

Geneva: The coronavirus outbreak in the world is increasing day by day, and everyone has a question about when will this pandemic end. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the worst time of the coronavirus has not come in the world and it is yet to come. WHO Chief Tedros Gabrias said on Monday that the bad form of the coronavirus is yet to come out.

Speaking to the media on Monday, the WHO Chief said that we have to work together to defeat this virus if every country isolates itself. He said that as many countries are opening up their economy, the effect of this virus is seen again there. He said that even though the speed of this virus has slowed in some countries, its impact has increased at the international level. In the world, around 80 thousand to one lakh cases of coronavirus used to come daily, but for the last few days, more than one and a half lakh cases are being reported every day.

The United States, Brazil and India are the countries in which the maximum cases of coronavirus are coming. On average, more than 30 thousand cases are being received in the US and Brazil, while in India almost 20 thousand cases are coming, which is a worrying situation.

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