WHO felicitates 10 lakh ASHA workers of the country

The respect of 10 lakh women ASHA workers of the country by the WHO has led to India being raised in a category where women have stood competent, capable and comfortable in every field. India's ASHA workers have also been honoured with the WHO Director General's 'Global Health Leaders Award'. The award has also been given to the workers for their outstanding contribution in advancing global health and for demonstrating leadership and commitment to regional health issues. Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also congratulated all the ASHA workers of the country.

Along with this, a video on the country's own micro-blogging platform, the KOO app, is seen catching up at a fast pace, which focuses on Uttarakhand resident Poonam Nautiyal. Poonam walked a distance of five to seven km daily to get the Covid vaccine. He, meanwhile, also made those people aware, who were not ready to get vaccinated. This is the same Poonam, whom PM Narendra Modi has also praised a lot in Mann Ki Baat.  

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, through its official co-handle YASMinistry, has said that "Women can give life, then they can save lives. Poonam  Nautiyal of Uttarakhand proved that there is nothing impossible by getting 100% vaccination in her district Bageshwar during the Corona period.'' The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in collaboration with Netflix India has submitted #azadikiamritkahaniyan.

It is the story of the woman who made one night before her life to save the lives of others. This is Poonam Nautiyal, due to whom 100% Covid vaccination has been made possible in Bageshwar district of India. For them, freedom means saving the life of every citizen of the country. In the video, Poonam Nautiyal can be heard saying, "If women can give life, they can save lives. Even if I had to put in to save my life, I never had a problem with it, and it never will. "

Poonam Nautiyal adds, "Papa's dream was that I should become a doctor, but because of belonging to the middle class, I became NM. Whether the job is small or big, I was determined that I had to do something for people. As much as I can, I will do it, do something good and serve the people. He has taught us the value of life. Poonam has also said that -  when I got the opportunity to vaccinate people, it has come to me that I am donating my life to the people. During the vaccination, some people used to come to the centre, but some people did not come to the centre even after much persuasion. But just as we had decided that all the people have to be vaccinated, so we made a list of these people and thus, by going from house to house, we vaccinated the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant women, etc. Regardless of hunger and thirst, we have made it a success.''

During that time my son was very young, in taking care of which my husband supported me a lot and supported me in fulfilling my pledge of vaccination. He told me to do good work for the country so that tomorrow our children also learn something from it. I did not take a single leave during these six months and thus we successfully vaccinated 1 lakh 72 thousand people. When people used to look at me, they were very happy that after this vaccination we would probably survive.  

Today, when I remember that time, I think about how I did such a great job so easily. You should do things in your life that affect women. Whatever women do, they fulfil it. This story of this great woman of our country will continue to echo in the hearts of the people for centuries. Prasar India's media has informed about the felicitation of one million women ASHA workers, saying: WHO honoured one million women ASHA workers of India for their 'outstanding' contribution in advancing global health.

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