Who invented dynamite?
Who invented dynamite?

Where did the English East India Company set up its first factory in India?

Ans:- In Surat (Gujarat)

Who wrote the book 'Aine Akbari'?
Ans:- By Abul Fazal

In which game is the word 'bully' used?
Ans:- Hockey

Who is called the 'Flying Fairy'?
Ans:- P.T.Usha

Which city of lakes is called?
Ans:- Udaipur

When and where was arya samaj founded?
Ans: In 1875 in Mumbai

Which is the oldest Veda?
Ans:- Rigveda

When is 'Education Day' celebrated?
Ans: On November 11th

Whose birthday is celebrated as Education Day?
Ans: On the birthday of India's first Education Minister Maulana Abulkalam Azad

10. Where is bhabha atomic research centre located?
Ans:- In Trombay (Mumbai)

Who led the Bardoli movement of 1928?
Ans:- By Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Who founded the Khalsa Panth?
Ans:- Guru Gobind Singh

Who founded the Mughal dynasty?
Ans:- Babur

Who was the first woman IPS officer of India?
Ans:- Kiran Bedi

Kathak is the classical dance of which state?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Which was the capital of Tipu Sultan?
Ans:- Srirangapatnam

In which game is the word 'Chinaman' used?
Ans:- Cricket

18. Which is the hardest substance?
Ans:- Diamond

Who invented the dynamite?
Ans: By Alfred Noble

Bismillah Khan is related to which instrument?
Ans:- Clarinet


Imp GK: Which state is the largest producer of gypsum in India?

Where will the 2018 Football World Cup take place?

By what name is the India-China agreement in 1954 known?


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