Who is the UK's new low-profile foreign secretary, James Cleverly?
Who is the UK's new low-profile foreign secretary, James Cleverly?

UK: James Cleverly, the first man of color to hold the position of foreign secretary in Britain, is a low-profile choice to succeed new Prime Minister Liz Truss in the post, but she is a dedicated lieutenant with some diplomatic experience.

Cleverly, an army reservist of mixed race with the actual rank of lieutenant colonel, served for two years as a junior foreign minister after previously working in the department in charge of the Brexit department.

Truss established himself as a critic of both China and Russia during his tenure as foreign secretary, and has deftly said his government will take a tough stand with both Moscow and Beijing.

It is imperative that we stand firm in our support for President (Volodymyr) Zelensky and the people of Ukraine. And I have no doubt that we will remain close friends, as we did when Boris Johnson was the leader of the Conservative Party, deftly told Reuters on Monday.

Of course, there are other problems as well. While this is the most urgent and immediate problem, it is not the only one.

In addition to tackling this, we also have long-term issues to address. And we will do both.

Speaking on behalf of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning expressed hope that relations with Britain would continue "on the right track".

Tactics, who is little known outside Westminster in Britain, was first elected to Parliament in 2015 after serving in the Assembly developed for London in 2007 and became a supporter of the city's then-mayor, Boris Johnson. .

Cleverly, 53, Essex, a Member of Parliament from north-east of the capital and a native of south-east London, supported leaving the European Union in a 2016 referendum.

His appointment as the country's top diplomat is seen as a generous reward for his steadfast support of the truce during a controversial Conservative leadership contest with former finance minister Rishi Sunak this summer.

deftly assumes position at a challenging time, when his ability to develop political ties, especially in important European capitals, will be put to the test.

Rising energy prices are likely to put additional pressure on Europe's relatively united response to Russia's war in Ukraine, and post-Brexit tensions over many issues, particularly those relating to Northern Ireland, could intensify.

According to media reports, some members of US President Joe Biden's administration have a negative opinion about the truce as she was overwhelmed during her one-year term as foreign secretary.

Before entering politics, Cleverly pursued a career in magazine and online publishing, managing websites that helped startups and small businesses grow. She now holds a business degree from the University of West London.

Since 1991, he has been a member of the British Territorial Army.
He was elected as an MP in the middle of the last decade, and was named deputy chair in early 2018 before being named co-president 18 months later.

During the 2019 Brexit debate in Britain, his first ministerial post in the Department for Exiting the European Union emerged.

Following Theresa May's resignation that year, Cleverly ran briefly for office and urged the Tories to "take a leap of faith, skip a generation, and vote for a relatively new MP".

A week later, he announced his withdrawal from the race, which Johnson eventually won, after realizing that he would not have enough support from Conservative lawmakers to proceed to the two-man run-off.

He was appointed a junior minister in the Foreign Office in 2020, Europe's responsibility for the first half of this year was among his many briefs.

Johnson's position as education secretary for the past two months was replaced as a result of a wave of resignations that eventually led to his resignation in early July.
Clever has two sons and is married.

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