"Corona virus can remain alive in air for so long"- WHO report

It has been claimed for some time about the coronavirus that the corona virus cannot survive in the air, because its spike has to stick to the surface. Now it is clear from the researches of Central University of Wuhan and University of Singapore that Corona virus can remain alive in the air. This is possible if conditions like aerosols are created. This is an exception situation, but not impossible. Experts at Wuhan Central University found that from 1.1 hours to two hours, the corona virus can live comfortably. It has adopted the same strategy to stay alive in the air as the COV virus of its distant relative SARS adopted.

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Dr. Maria Wayne Kerkhov, head of WHO's Department of Emergency Services and Veterinary Diseases, has officially warned that Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) can be airborne. Dr. Maria has said in her official statement that due to medical equipment that produces aerosols (a mixture of air and vapor), the corona virus can survive in the air, unfortunately for a while. This is the exception condition, but the probable condition.

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After getting this information about the virus, we will have to give a rescue kit to the doctors and paramedical staff who are treating the infected patients in view of the situation of aerosols and people will have to quarantined and take all the necessary precautions. She told that the corona virus remains in a state of suspension in the air and can become active as soon as possible. Dr. Maria said that a lot will depend on the heat and humidity. It is important that many organizations including WHO have warned that the condition of excess moisture is beneficial for Corona. The virus can become airborne in conditions of excess humidity.

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