WHO warns of new coronavirus wave

New Delhi: The corona havoc that has been raging around the world many times in a row has upset everyone today, as well as the rapidly increasing coronavirus infection that has led to a rapid rise in the death toll worldwide. Similarly, the government has made several efforts to prevent covid deaths. And it has succeeded to a great extent in these efforts, but in many areas, the coronavirus is still spreading rapidly.

WHO warns of new wave: During all this, the World Health Organization has called the growing covid cases in Europe a cause of "serious concern." WHO's Europe Regional Director, Has Cluj, told reporters that there is a risk of a new wave of covid surging into the territory of 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. The rate of hospitalization of infected people in these areas has more than doubled. The number of infected people in Europe is growing so fast as was seen a year ago.

China, US and Singapore took strict steps: Where it has been found that all countries have started taking steps to prevent a new wave of epidemics. China has taken decisions such as increasing patrolling to strengthen coronavirus prevention measures along the borders. On the other hand, the US has made it mandatory for employees of companies that employ 100 or more people to install anti-corona virus vaccines by January 4. Singapore, on the other hand, has warned government employees who are trying to avoid installing vaccines on leave without pay.

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