WHO gives another warning in midst of Corona crisis, aware of these diseases
WHO gives another warning in midst of Corona crisis, aware of these diseases

Geneva: The Coronavirus, which has been causing panic all over the world for a few days, is no longer taking the name of stoppage. Every day the outbreak of this virus is increasing, due to which the human aspect has reached the brink of destruction. Every day, due to this virus, many families are getting killed, while the infection of this virus is becoming an enemy of the lives of people, millions of people are getting infected every day due to its grip. Talking about those who die all over the world, then more than 2 lakh 11 thousand people have died.

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Along with the campaign to fight against the coronavirus, countries should follow the framework for eradication of deadly diseases like malaria and polio. Due to continuous campaign against both diseases for years, they have been controlled to a great extent. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said this. In its report on coronavirus infection, the WHO has said that the epidemic has posed a big challenge to public health services. But we also have to take care of other serious types of diseases - malaria and polio. At present, the number of corona infected patients has reached 13.41 lakhs in Europe, while the figure of 11 lakhs in America is close. It is worth mentioning that on Sunday, Pope Francis also appealed to the world community to pay attention to malaria patients. Many countries in the continent of Africa are severely affected by malaria. It is believed that about one million people lose their lives due to malaria.

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There is no scope for infection in coronated patients: On the other hand, before this, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that there is no evidence at present that antibodies in those cured with Covid-19 have developed and are protected from coronavirus infection for the second time. The WHO warned the governments of various countries to issue 'immunity passports' or 'risk free certificates' to those who have recovered from Covid-19, saying that its purity cannot be guaranteed. This trend will actually increase the risk of the present infection because the cured people can ignore the advice to take standard precautions against the virus.

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