Who will win BB10! Ex-contestants shows their wish

Jan 29 2017 12:59 PM
Who will win BB10! Ex-contestants shows their wish

Who will win the show of Bigg Boss season 10. Whether the winner is Bani J, Lopamudra Raut or Manveer Gurjar.

The ex contestants have said who they think will win the show.

Rahul Dev: "It will either be Manveer or Lopa. Manveer is deserving because he is straightforward, upright and good at his tasks. And Lopa because she is honest and caring. This is based on my experience when I was inside the house, I don’t know how they are editing and showing it now as I am not following it."

Gaurav Chopraa: "It is difficult to assess because in reality shows good contestants from the first or second week never win. If you ask me who I want as the winner, I would say Bani. There were two people in the house with whom I was friends — Rohan and Bani. Rohan is not in the fray anymore, so it has to be Bani with whom I developed an unexpected kind of friendship. We are complete opposites but got along well."

Rohan Mehra: "I want Lopa to win obviously, because she is my best friend, but I think Manveer has better chances because he performed well in the tasks and has got good feedback."

Karan Mehra: "Bani has always been my favourite in the house, her entire journey in the show has been amazing. I would love to see her win."

Nitibha Kaul: "Manveer because I feel a commoner deserves to win this season and his journey on the show has been outstanding."

Lokesh Kumari: "Manveer will win because he is a strong contender and he is the man with a golden heart."

Navin Prakash: "Manveer deserves to win. He has become quite popular among the audiences and I feel he will definitely win."

Monalisa: "It is between Bani and Manveer, though I think he has better chances. When I was inside the house most of the guests would name him or Bani as their favourites. When I came outside I saw Bani is popular on social media, but the common people I interacted with preferred Manveer. Even I think Manveer should win." 

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