Indo-Pak T20 World Cup: 'India weighing heavy!' defeated in all 5 matches out of 5

Dubai: A cricket match between Pakistan and India is going to be played after a long time today. Virat Kohli army and Babar Azam's army are going to clash at Dubai ground today. The crowd at the stadium is going to make a splash today. Every wicket falling in Dubai and every single run that comes is going to make a splash from Delhi to Islamabad. Since this morning, the world is watching this mega event because there is nothing bigger and more for the people.

If we look into the statics, it looks like a left-handed game for Team India. This makes every Indian feel proud. On the T20 World Cup pitch, whenever India has faced a rival, it got defeated. This has happened 5 times so far in 6 editions of the T20 World Cup. Not only that, India is far ahead in overall figures. Let me tell you that both the teams have assembled 8 times in T20 Internationals and India won 6 times, 1 by Pakistan while 1 match was indecisive. This time too, from Twitter to Instagram, fans are saying, 'India will win.'

Pakistan's playing XI: Pakistan has almost cleared their playing XI even before taking on India. In fact, they have announced the names of 12 players, 11 of whom will play. They are set to land with a combination of 3 fast bowlers and 2 spinners. On the other hand, India is yet to clarify their stand on the playing XI. However, India's bowling combination can only look like 3 fast bowlers and 2 spinners. Jadeja will play as the first spinner, while the second could be one of spinners Ashwin and Varun Chakraborty.

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