Who wrote the famous play 'Shakuntala'?

Which breed of goat is called the "Queen of the World's Milk"?
North. sanen

In which year was Mahatma Gandhi born?

When was life insurance nationalized?
Answer: 1956

Who was the first Indian Governor General of independent India?
North.C. Rajagopalachari

Telugu is the official language of which state?
North.Andhra Pradesh

6. The inertia of an object depends on?
North. on mass

Who wrote the famous play 'Shakuntala'?
Answer.Mahakavi Kalidasa

8. "Is the divergence between the ends of a conductor proportional to the current flowing in it?
North. Ohm's law

Which city is the capital of Afghanistan?

When was the first train running in India?
Answer.April 16, 1853

Under which scheme the partition between India and Pakistan took place?
Answer. Mountbatten Scheme

12. What if the fan is running in a room?
North. So the air temperature of the room will increase.

How many teeth develop twice in the life span of a human being?.
North. 20

14. What are the fluctuations in the frequency of a sound source called?
North. doppler effect

When was Goa liberated from the Portuguese?
North. 1964

When is Teacher's Day celebrated?
North. September 5

The first bank whose branch has received iso 9002 certificate?
North.Canara Bank

Which country is the largest continent in the world?
North Asia

Which river is called the mourning of Bihar?

In which year did humans set foot on the moon for the first time?
Answer: 1969

DU-AMU and Jamia will not give admission under CUET-PG, will take separate entrance exams.

Gujarat Job High Court Vacancies 2022, invites Applications gujarathighcourt.nic.in

Delhi Dy CM Sisodia Meets Cambridge varsity Faculty, Collaborating for training Principals

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