'Whoever comes to this school at 12 o'clock will die..',

Lucknow: The manager and his wife of the SGS Inter College in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, have been brutally strangled to death in their residence on the college campus. Not only that, the window of the room where the husband and wife's body was found read: 'Whoever comes to this school will die at 12 o'clock in the night. Police are now investigating the case. A son of the couple is also said to have died tragicy eight years ago. He had committed suicide.

Gandarbh Singh Yadav, an 82-year-old manager, and his 78-year-old wife, Kamala Devi, lived in a residence on the college campus. Schools and colleges are closed these days due to severe cold. Two days later, when teacher Jitendra Kumar, who came to the school on Wednesday morning, saw the silence at the manager's residence, he knocked on the door, but there was no response from inside. When the door did not open for a long time, Jitendra Kumar suspected something untoward. They then informed the police. Police who reached the spot said that the front channel was closed at the manager's residence but the small door on the back side of the residence was open.

The police reached inside the residence and were stunned to see the body of the manager and his wife. The double murder was immediately reported to the higher authorities. The police then called a forensic team there and collected evidence from the spot. Meanwhile, an iron window on the campus was found with it written: 'Whoever comes to this school will die at 12 o'clock in the night. Eight years ago, the manager's son, Srikanth Yadav, had committed suicide. The wife of the deceased is living in Jammu and Kashmir with her son after Srikanth's death. The manager's younger son is an engineer in Delhi. However, the manager lived with his wife on the college campus at Auraiya. Police suspect that the school-related people may have been involved in the case. Police are currently investigating.

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