WHO's big statement about Corona, says, 'Covid-19 epidemic has been serious"

Geneva: Covid-19 has created such a crisis in front of the whole world which human history has rarely seen. There will hardly be any part of the world where Covid-19 has not spread its legs. Efforts are being made to understand the danger of this infection. After the introduction of the vaccine, nothing can be said clearly about its crisis.

Meanwhile, the WHO has warned the world about the future threat. WHO has said that the world should be serious about its preparedness, which is also causing dangerous epidemics in future. This information was given by WHO Emergency Chief Michelle Ryan on completion of one year of Covid-19. This new type of Covid-19 was found in China last year. After this, 18 lakh people have died in the world so far and more than eight crore people have come in the grip of infection.

As for WHO, Emergency Chief Michelle Ryan said, "The epidemic has been very serious. It spread very fast around the world and it has infected every part of the earth but it is not necessarily the biggest one. At present, its mortality is less than other diseases. We should be prepared for those things which can be more serious in future."

Covid-19 epidemic is wreaking havoc all over the world. So far, over 8.16 crore people have been infected. In the last 24 hours, more than 4.63 lakh new cases were reported and 8,913 infected people have lost their lives. So far, the figure of infected has reached beyond 8 crores 16 lakh 38 thousand 229.

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