Why 365 Days Movie Got Stuck In Controversies Even After Everything Is Perfect
Why 365 Days Movie Got Stuck In Controversies Even After Everything Is Perfect

Netflix's film 365 Days (365 Days) will still be remembered by everyone today. Italian actor Michaele Morrone has also been seen in this movie. Now the sequel has also come on Netflix. Released on April 27, the movie is titled 365 Days: This Day and the film has done something that has not been seen before.

The film received 0% rating: 365 Days: This Day (365 Days: This Day) The film received 0% ratings on the Rotten Tomato website. Only 9 people have written reviews for the movie . But it's never been seen before that a movie gets even a 0% rating on this website. 

The previous film: 365 Days: This Day is a sequel to the Netflix movie 365 Days. The 2020 movie made a lot of headlines because of its story,  which was attributed to the sexy and steamy scenes of the film as well as its very bad and disturbing story. In the 365 Days movie, Sicily's don Massimo Torichelli kidnaps a Polish girl named Laura. He keeps Laura captive in his house and keeps her with him. After which Massimo gives him 365 days to fall in love with him. 

The film was accused of promoting rape culture and showing toxic behavior in a romantic way. Also, the theme of the movie's Stockholm Syndrome was not liked. The critics didn't like the movie. Similarly, its sequel also proved to be a bad flop in the eyes of critics. However, netflix viewers watched the film 365 Days very much. 

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