Why boys prefer to date older women in their age than single girls? Research says….

Mar 30 2019 12:55 PM
Why boys prefer to date older women in their age than single girls?  Research says….

According to a recent research, boys nowadays prefer older women in their own age. It sounds strange in hearing this, but it is the real truth. There are several reasons behind this in research, which makes men more attracted to older women than other girls. These boys prefer to date older women in their age than single girls. Now girls will be older, then it is obvious that most of them will be married. In the married and divorced women, the interest of boys is increasing today. You will find many examples of this in Bollywood. Recently Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra, a 12-year-old actress herself. Right now, Arjun Kapoor is going to marry divorced Malaika Arora. Why does this happen? What is the reason behind this, let's know.


Men feel that women of greater age are more confident. Boys are more like women with self-confidence and their self-confidence attracts them. According to men, women whose age is high, they have more understanding. He has the ability to understand any problem better.

Career partner

It is believed that older women are more likely to be a career partner than younger girls. She understands the responsibilities of her family and cooperates with her every happiness and misery. Men like this nature of men like men.

Changes in hormones

Due to changes in hormones of older, married or divorced women, their skin begins to glow earlier. Men are very attracted to this change in women. Such women often laugh and be happy and their liking is liked by men.

Sweet temperament

Women of higher age or married / divorced women handle the work and outdoor activities very well. He plays the responsibility of home and job responsibilities. Despite such responsibilities, she does not complain and smiles. Anyone with such women would love to be. This virtue of women attracts boys very much.

Financially competent

Even in career and financial life, older women are settled and financially capable also attracts boys towards them. Most women are self-reliant in this age.

Understanding Sex Life

According to psychologists, older women become more sensible towards sex. These women are more successful than girls of lower age. This is also one of the reasons that boys are attracted to women of more age.

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