Birthday Special: Why did Bhagat Singh call himself an 'Atheist'?

Today is the birthday of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, on this day in 1907, Bhagat was born in the Punjab of undivided India. Here let me tell you that I have used birthday instead of birth anniversary because a hero like Bhagat never dies, he lives in thoughts… Similar views are seen in the article which he wrote during his time in jail and it was published in Lahore's newspaper 'The People' on 27 September 1931. 

In this article, Bhagat Singh has raised many logical questions on the existence of God and the creation of this world, the birth of man, the imagination of God in the mind of man as well as the humility of man in the world, its exploitation, the chaos prevailing in the world and more. The conditions of class discrimination have also been thoroughly analyzed. It has been one of the most talked about writings of Bhagat Singh. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, we have brought for you the most famous article by Bhagat Singh 'Why am I an atheist?' A new question has arisen. Am I because of some ego, the Almighty, I do not believe in the existence of an omnipresent and omniscient God? Some of my friends – perhaps by saying that I am not asserting much authority over them – are eager to conclude, in their little contact with me, that I am going too far by denying the existence of God and my Pride has somewhat stirred me to this disbelief. I don't make any boasts that I am far above human weaknesses. I am a human being, and nothing more. No one can claim to be more than this. This weakness is in me too. Ego is also a part of my nature. I was called a despot among my comrades. Even my friend Mr Batukeshwar Kumar Dutt used to tell me that sometimes.

On several occasions, I was even criticized for being autocratic. Some friends complain, and seriously enough, that I unintentionally impose my views on them and get my proposals accepted. This is true to some extent. I do not deny this. This can be called ego. As far as our own opinion is concerned as compared to other popular opinions. I am certainly proud of my opinion. But it is not personal. It may be that it is only justified pride in its faith and it cannot be called arrogance. Pride is an excess of undue pride in oneself. Is it unreasonable pride that led me to atheism? Or have I disbelieved in God after having studied the subject very carefully and given a great deal of thought on it? 

I have completely failed to understand how undue pride or arrogance can come in the way of a person's belief in God. I should not recognize the greatness of a really great person - this can happen only when I have also achieved such a little fame which I either do not deserve or I do not have the qualities which are necessary for it. Even this is understandable. But how can it be that a person, who believes in God, suddenly stops believing in him because of his personal ego? Only two ways are possible. Either man starts considering himself as a rival of God or he starts considering himself as God. In both these cases, he cannot become a true atheist. 

In the first stage, he does not deny the existence of his rival. In the second stage also he believes in the existence of such a consciousness, which conducts all the activities of nature from behind the curtain. I deny the existence of that almighty Supreme Soul. It is not the ego that prompted me to accept the doctrine of atheism. I am neither a rival, nor an incarnation, nor the Supreme Soul. In order to disprove this allegation, let us look at the facts. According to these friends of mine, I have become arrogant because of the unnecessary fame I got during the Delhi Bomb Case and the Lahore Conspiracy Case.

If seen in a way, theism is also seen in Bhagat Singh's atheism, because if someone accepts or rejects something after examining the facts on the facts, knowingly, putting his conscience in it, then how can he be called an atheist? However, it is not even a matter of debate whether Bhagat Singh was a theist or an atheist. Because in India your actions are given priority more than your theism and atheism, and Bhagat Singh's actions were first class and his thoughts too. 

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