Why did Babasaheb Ambedkar want to burn his own written 'Constitution'?

Today is the death anniversary of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, who played an important role in the constitution-making of the country. The same Constitution that every Indian today sees with great respect and respect and feels proud. But do you know that Babasaheb himself wanted to burn that Constitution? Perhaps he had already realized that the elite, with a population of less than five per cent of the country, under the guise of the Constitution, would hijack the country's democracy and 95 per cent would not benefit from it. It was only after independence that the way political families were born in the country and the entire power started moving around them. Under the guise of the Constitution, how they are only serving their interests and only their families or those who belong to them are taking advantage, it seems clear that Dr Ambedkar's apprehension was not at all wrong.

In fact, Dr Ambedkar, during a discussion in the Upper House of Parliament on 2nd September 1953, said, "Sir, my friends say that I have framed the Constitution. But I am fully prepared to say that I will be the first person to burn the Constitution. I don't need it. It's not good for anyone. Two years after the incident, on March 19, 1955, Dr Anup Singh, a Rajya Sabha MP from Punjab, recalled Dr Ambedkar during a debate in the House and said, "Last time you talked about burning the Constitution. Replying to this, Dr Ambedkar said, "My friend Anupji said that I had said that I wanted to burn the Constitution. The last time I was able to explain the reason was in a hurry. But now that I have got the opportunity, I will tell you. We have built a temple in the form of a constitution for God's stay, but even before God came and lived in it, the demon has come and lived in it. What is the other way to demolish the temple?'

Baba saheb had said, 'We have made it not for the demons, but for the deities. I don't want this temple of the Constitution to be dominated by demons. We want the gods to have a right to it. That is why I said that I would like to burn the Constitution. On this, another MP VKP Sinha said, 'Why do you talk about demolishing the temple, why don't you throw out the demons?' Referring to the Devasura war incident from Shatpath, Babasaheb said, 'You cannot do that. We have not yet got that power to drive away the demons.''

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