Why did the Hindus of Jammu take out 20-year-old guns? Police gave in 2001

Srinagar: After increasing incidents of Islamic terrorists targeting non-Muslims in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, people have started preparing for their security. The local Hindus and Sikhs have taken out their 20-year-old weapons and are doing target practice. Hindus have made preparations to respond to targeted terrorist attacks. The people of the village have taken out 71 rifles. This weapon was given to them by the police 20 years ago for protection.

On January 1, 2023, two unknown people entered this village, situated about 150 km from Jammu, and shot people after questioning them. In this attack by AK-47, 5 people died on the spot, while two more children lost their lives due to the IED blast planted by them. During this, Balkrishna Sharma, a resident of the village, fired on the terrorists. After this, the terrorists were forced to flee. Balakrishna is one of the people to whom the police provided arms for protection between 1998 and 2001.

According to a report, in this village with a mixed population of 5000 Hindu and 2100 Muslim population, the Village Defense Committee was formed to stop the terrorists during that time. During that time 71 people were provided with guns and rifles. There is anger among the people of the village after the attack on 1 January. They are enraged by the death of their people and want to take revenge on the terrorists. To prevent such attacks in the future, the people of the village are continuously practicing target shooting.

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