Why do madrasas need so many weapons? Thousands of guns and swords recovered .., know the truth of 'viral post'"
Why do madrasas need so many weapons? Thousands of guns and swords recovered .., know the truth of 'viral post'

Lucknow: A recent post is going viral on social media regarding Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh, in which it has been claimed that a cache of arms has been recovered from a madrasa in Bijnor. The pictures in the post show thousands of guns and several swords. This claim is still viral on social media. When probed in this regard, some more similar tweets were found on social media. The tweet shows the police and some people in their custody and a pile of weapons lying on the couch. People shared this tweet and demanded that all madrasas should be closed. But what is the truth of this news, it has been disclosed by the Bijnor police.


Actually, it is absolutely true that weapons were recovered in the madrassa of Bijnor. But this incident is not of 2022, but of 2019. Bijnor police said that this incident is from Sherkot police station of Bijnor, where police had arrested 6 accused in the year 2019 while raiding and the police seized 1 pistol, 4 pistols, 49 live cartridges and 1 swift vehicle from their possession. Was. In such a situation, the picture that is being shared with the viral claim that weapons and swords were found in huge quantities are misleading. Bijnor Police has denied this in their tweet.

Let us inform that the news of weapons being recovered from the madrassa of Bijnor was shared on social media from time to time, in 2019, it was shared by people, but in 2020, 2021 and 2022 also these pictures became fiercely viral on social media. Recently, Bijnor Police retweeted their old tweet to refute the news, to make it clear that this incident is no more and the pictures being shared are also not true.

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